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Bidding on Buy It Sell It Win It

Buy It Sell It Win It bids are acquired through the purchasing of any item in the Buy It Sell It Win It catalog. A percent of the merchant processing fee is offered back to all BuyNow purchasers.
Or,Purchase bids directly! All Buy It Sell It Win It bids can be saved and used to fully purchase any item or they can be bid individually on anything in the catalog and when the value of the item is reached in Buy It Sell It Win It bids it will be awarded to one of the users bidding on the item.

All non-free Buy It Sell It Win It stores have the option to have listed items auto-renew every month. If that is disabled or the seller is using a free store and the listed item expires before the bids reach the sale price then all bidders will have their bids refunded back to their account so they can bid on something else. Bids are not returned when the winning price is met and a lucky Buy It Sell It Win It member wins the item!

To bid on items, go to the Catalog and click on "1 Bid Now" on any item or if you want to bid more than 1 you can go into the item details (click the item name or price or Details button) and bid as many as you wish!

If you have not registered an address (to where you want your item sent if you win) then before you can bid you will be prompted to enter an address. This will only happen if you have no addresses registered.

If you have selected "1 Bid Now" then you will be taken to the item details and be shown that you have 1 bid on the item and other details about the current status of the item.

While you are in the item details you are also able to help promote this item on social media by clicking on the Facebook Like or Pin it on Pinterest.

If you place more than 1 bid on an item it will place the bids in the background. Depending on the system load and the number of bids placed, the background processing may take a few moments. While the background bidding is happening your bids will be locked until the processing is finished to prevent any potential conflicts due to bidding on multiple items at once.

All bidding, from the catalog or other items will be locked until the background bidding is complete.

Once the background bidding is complete you will be free to bid on any other Buy It Sell It Win It item.

When you have Buy It Sell It Win It bids on items you can either use more bids to purchase the item directly or wait for others to bid. Once the item reaches it's value in Buy It Sell It Win It bids a single bid ticket will be selected randomly and the owner of that ticket will receive the item just as if they had bought it directly. The seller of the item will receive payment from Buy It Sell It Win It for the item's value and deliver the item just as if it was sold through "BuyNow." Terms & Conditions